This law office was founded by the lawyers J. Brandt and G.W. v. Nawrocki in Berlin in 1873. It is one of Germany's oldest firms of patent attorneys.


In 1966 Mr Rainer Splanemann joined the firm – following his father, Ernst Splanemann, and the latter’s father-in-law, Dr. Constantin Schmidtlein. Dr. Bruno Reitzner joined in 1971; he built up the Chemistry Department and is still active as a counsellor of the firm. Mr Klaus Baronetzky has been a partner in the law office since 1988; he established the Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences and Electronics Departments.

Numerous qualified patent attorneys and lawyers are working for the law office. A team of German and European Patent Attorneys, patent engineers and electrical engineers work in the field of engineering and technology. The field of legal issues is covered by qualified lawyers, some of whom are also certified specialist IP lawyers. Our lawyers are supported by qualified employees and experienced translators. The staff at our Munich office has grown to a total of 15 employees during the past few years.

One specialty of this law office is the handling of technical and legal issues in the field of intellectual property rights. Thanks to our comprehensive experience in this field this law office can provide competent counselling for a successful registration and professional defence of our clients’ property rights.

As a renowned law office active both in Germany and internationally, we can assure our clients, in particular medium-sized and big companies from all over the world, that they can always rely on the comprehensive technical and scientific knowledge of experienced patent attorneys as well as the competence of well-versed lawyers.